In the information technology business since 1991, we are the small business assistant in the high tech world.  We have specialized in the field of data access for today's business professional.  Personal service has made us successful in always meeting, or exceeding our clients expectations while keeping their costs modest.

Opportunity and Innovation in America


These are indeed extraordinary times. American business is being challenged as never before, and American strengths are now more valuable than ever. These strengths include our energy and innovation. The world admires and envies American creativity and productivity. Let us help your small business make use of the creative innovations in information technology that have made us the most productive people on earth.

Our Mission


We believe that the small business person deserves to receive the same benefits from information technology as any of today's large corporations. We further believe that the opportunity to increase one's productivity is even greater with the business person who is performing many tasks themselves. The more you do - the greater the potential for information technology in your life. Let us show you how we can help.

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