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Microsoft Business Solutions CRM helps mid-market businesses build profitable customer relationships. Integrated Sales and Customer Service modules enable employees to share information to improve sales success and deliver consistent, efficient customer service.

Sales and customer service features include leads and opportunity management, a complete view of customer history, automated incident management, and a searchable knowledgebase.

Microsoft Business Solutions CRM also includes reporting tools for accurate forecasting and measurement of business activity and employee performance. Built using Microsoft .NET connected technologies, Microsoft Business Solutions CRM is easy to deploy, customize, and use, accessible from Microsoft Outlook and the Web, integrates with other business applications, and scales as your business grows.

Microsoft CRM Modules


  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Complete Customer View Lead Routing and Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales Process Management
  • Products Catalog
  • Order Management: Quotas, Orders and Invoices
  • Quotas
  • Territory Management
  • Reports
  • Sales Literature
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Workflow
  • Correspondence and Mail Merge
  • Integration with Microsoft Business Solutions

Customer Service

  • Case Management
  • Service Requests
  • Queuing
  • Routing and Workflow
  • Searchable Knowledge base
  • Contract Management
  • E-Mail Management (includes auto_response)
  • Product Catalog
  • Reports
  • Integration with Microsoft Business Solutions


Microsoft CRM Downloads

Click on the following links to download the fact sheets related to CRM.

      CRM Overview
      CRM Sales Module
      CRM Customer Service Module
      CRM Integration
      CRM Customization

Microsoft CRM Demos

Click on the following links to view demos.

      CRM Demo
      CRM Overview Demo
      Customer Service Demo
      CRM Sales Demo

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